Is Arizona state good with loans, financial aid, and grants?

<p>I'm a great student. ~4.2 weighted GPA, but only make 10-15k a year. Are they good with that? Especially cause I'm black, Cherokee Indian, and fillipino?</p>

<p>And if not, which of these schools are good with it?</p>

Florida state
San Diego State</p>

<p>I am a cali resident.</p>

<p>You’re OOS so that will hurt you for aid.</p>

<p>Are you an incoming frosh? Or do you have college credits?</p>

<p>What is your ACT or SAT score?</p>

<p>Take off all the OOS publics…they won’t be affordable.</p>

<p>You need to determine your EFC for the Calif state schools.</p>

<p>Are you under 24 years old?</p>

<p>People with 0 EFC at UCD tend to get leftover FA without even taking out any loans at all (essentially a full ride) mostly due to UCD FAO overestimating the total cost of attendance every year. </p>

<p>I know at least 10 people. :)</p>