Is Art History considered a Fine art for high school credits?

<p>i'm taking a college course on it to hopefully get rid of my fine art.</p>

<p>No a fine art has to do with music.</p>

<p>damn really?</p>

<p>can you please post a list of classes that may fulfill my fine art?</p>

<p>nvm, Art history is a fine art</p>

<p>This would be something to ask your school counselor. Generally, a fine art is related to visual art, theater, music, or dance. At my school, I was required to take a quarter class Intro to Art, a quarter class Intro to Music, and a semester class of your choice-I picked Dance. My school also offers studio art, photography, acting, choir, music appreciation, band, and orchestra.</p>

<p>You should probably speak to your school about this. In my school we need 1 credit and it is satisfied through some required courses. Freshmen who are musically inclined take an instrument/vocal (concert chorus, jazz band, percussion, etc.) and those who are artistically inclined take Honors Studio Art which covers basics in studio art (drawing, 3D, etc.). Those who are neither take half a year of Intro to Music (history, reading, learn to play recorder) and half a year of Intro to Studio Art (similar to the class mentioned before)</p>

<p>Sophomore year we have the same music classes for the music kids. Then there is Performing Arts (acting), Studio in Fine Arts II, or Technical/Commercial Art </p>

<p>So... has to do with your school</p>

<p>that is true, i'll try to contact my counselor. kind of difficult during the summer.</p>