Is bad to do masters in computer science if you have a bachelors in ME?

Hello guys,

I am thinking of completing my bachelors in ME (Automation and mechatronics) and completing my masters in computer science. Is that a bad thing to change major like that. I feel like ME and Computer Science are a lot related and so I want to take advantage of both, I love both and want to learn both as I feel they go hand in hand.

I would highly appreciate your reply.

Thank you.

There is no problem with doing something like that but realize that you may have to take some remedial CS courses.

You shouldn’t get a graduate degree in something just because you like it and want to learn about it. You should get a graduate degree if you have a specific field/career/topic in mind and the graduate degree will help you work in that specific area and/or make contributions to that specific area.

What do you want to do, as far as jobs go? Unless you have a specific answer to this question, you might benefit from working after your BS for a couple years to figure out if you really want/need a graduate degree and, if so, which kind of graduate degree and in which field.