Is Bauer Honors worth it?

I’ve read pretty much all the threads concerning honors, but I still am conflicted. I am mainly attracted to priority registration for classes and the supposed study abroad opportunities. However, I am not interested in taking courses like human situations (bc of my dual credit English) as well as other honors courses that many have said aren’t worth putting in the extra effort for.

What I am looking to get out of my college experience is to study abroad and have access to plenty of internships. From what I’ve read, as long I actively participate in good student orgs, I shouldn’t have a problem getting internships? Would I still have study abroad opportunities if I chose not to do honors? How much does priority registration matter? Please share your experiences! I am a high school senior by the way.

My son is a Bauer Honor student and is graduating at the end of this semester. The Bauer Honors is absolutely worthit. It has provided him with numerous opportunities. The Honor College is one of the best in the country. Good Luck.

I’m a Bauer Honors alum. You certainly don’t have to be part of the HC to get internships or study abroad. I got my internships through campus recruiting and a professor recommendation. I enjoyed Honors for the small classes and great professors. The courses can be more difficult but the grades are skewed higher as well (B+ avg vs. B-). As an HC alum, I prefer to hire other HC students but the College isn’t that big to make a huge difference. Study abroad is often with other Honors students in the HC. If you’re intellectually curious and like a liberal arts education, the HC is for you. If you want to plough through, probably not.