Is Baylor Rolling Admissions?

<p>Is Baylor a school with rolling admissions? I am confused, because on the US News website it says baylor is rolling, but yet it still has EA, SCEA, and RD? But, at the same time, a lot of my friends get accepted there within 2 weeks of applying - so they must review applications as soon as they get them and inform you immediately (which is different from schools like the Ivies that wait until they get all apps and tell everyone at a certain date). It all seems so contradicting, is Baylor rolling or not?</p>

<p>Baylor does not have rolling admissions for freshmen but does issue acceptances in bundles. The early application deadline was November 1 but has been extended to Nov. 15 for persons on the East Coast affected by Hurricane Sandy. The next deadline is Feb. 1. In the past they have only accepted about 8,000 students (for a freshman class of about 3,300) and have had over 45,000 applications. With that said, the earlier you apply, the better your chances. This year they did issue acceptances before the Nov. 1 deadline for students who applied SCEA. Hope this helps.</p>

Baylor isnt rolling admissions.

My friends and I both received our acceptance quite early, much earlier than the notification date that they posted on their website (both early and regular), so I guessed the earlier you applied the sooner you’ll hear about your decision. I think it’s good though considering that you don’t have to wait for so long :smiley: