IS BC really "better" than BU for Grad School

<p>For Undergrad i get all the differences and reasons why students would choose one over the other but wonder what the opinion is for Grad school?
Or is just being in Boston great enough?</p>

<p>Grad school selection is completely dependent on faculty in the student's field of interest. Location makes no difference.</p>

<p>For some subfields, a department at BC might be much, much better than the corresponding subfield at BU, and vice versa. Indeed, some subfields may only exist at one school, and not at the other.</p>

<p>Well unfortunately if i didn't already have a BC grad from the 5year program at BC, BU would win that hands down with the attentiveness they have shown younger daughter trying to come to a decision. She had appointments at both schools over her break; at BU with an assigned advisor and at BC with Director of Grad admissions. BU went through all her courses and intended BU program of studies, waived several requirements/courses, drew up the plan for the next 4 semesters ( told her she could do it in 12 months if she wanted) and has already followed up with her on this. BC directed her to another individual to have a similar discussion ( I understand that he wasn't qualified/prepared to discuss this) and she has now been given the 4th contact name as she is shuffled around trying to get answers to a few specific questions.</p>

<p>I think that is what made this process of deciding more difficult for her. And it has certainly colored my opinion. If all things were equal, i think she'd already have made her choice.</p>

<p>Professors in the field are significantly important but a superb advisor is an important piece in the puzzle.</p>