Is being an Asian female a Hook?

<p>I saw that the Asian % at Notre Dame was pretty low. I was wondering..Is being an Asian female a Hook? I'm applying EA, and this is my top pick so I need all the help I can get. :)</p>

<p>No since it is not a URM</p>

<p>A female Asian doing Engineering (or any female doing engineering) usually will help for admissions.</p>

<p>Oh.. I think I'm going to apply to the College of Arts & Letters :(</p>

<p>I thought Asians were underrepresented at Notre Dame? Though not significantly, like Hispanics, Blacks, or Natives.</p>

<p>Point is, it won't hurt you. Might or might not help a little.</p>

<p>Asians are overrepresented in most colleges compared to other 'minorities'</p>

<p>being female and asian would actually hurt you since both asians and females are more represented in most colleges (not sure about ND) than say males or Caucasians even</p>

<p>I would say the opposite, given the fact that asians, like jews, are considered "over-represented".</p>

<p>If spots are to be given to URMs, then they are likely to come from ORMs.</p>

<p>However, I understand that in some colleges around the country, not many asians apply, so then, it would be a hook. But I am unsure about the identity of those colleges. Perhaps, Notre Dame, being a catholic oriented colleges, is one of them.</p>

<p>I'm Asian, and I am 99% sure that Notre Dame isn't as popular a choice of a college for Asian immigrants because a) name recognition b) Midwest-location and c) Fame of other schools.</p>

<p>I'll find the breakdown of percentage of race, but I remember that Asians were in the single digits and there MAY have actually been another URM that had more students. Lemme check.</p>

<p>Well, can't find it. But College P r ow ler has these stats for diversity:</p>

<p>African American 4%
Asian American 7%
Hispanic 9%
International 3%
Native American 1%
White 76%</p>

<p>I don't know if this is accurate, but the bottom line is that there is no chance that Asians are ORM in Notre Dame. The only ORM in ND is Caucasian, to be honest. I really have no idea where most of the people above me are getting their info from, except for DolorousEdd.</p>

<p>I believe Asians, while being the majority minority, are still URM at ND. There is a lower percentage of females vs males at ND too. I don't have source info at hand, but S just graduated and I did quite a bit of research before he applied and paid attention since he started.</p>

<p>The percentage of Asians on campus is nothing close to other T20 schools we visited. Good luck.</p>

<p>There are two schools in top 20 where Asian percentage is much closer to their true representation in US. So I would say being Asian is a hook at NotreDame and Vanderbilt.</p>

<p>Asians are considered URMS at ND, which is why the admissions offices has counselors that specialize in Asian American recruitment.</p>