Is being blocked that big of a deal?

<p>It seems I'm always blocked because I haven't accepted financial aid or some reason related to financial aid. At first it was annoying but now im a bit desensitized. Is it that big of a deal in terms of what happens?</p>

<p>if by blocked you mean blocked registration then yes it’s a problem as you cant sign up for classes. so i’d get that worked out.</p>

<p>you definitely CAN sign up for classes via phase I and phase II even when blocked</p>

<p>Then you aren’t blocked.</p>

<p>yeah… is it a big deal? haha, I’m currently blocked 'cause they accidentally double charged me for the end of last semester’s housing by adding next year’s first payment on top of that. didn’t notice 'til they sent me an e-mail saying they’ve fixed the problem but the block still shows up on bear facts and my phase ii is soon.</p>

<p>you will be able to sign up for classes for phase ii even if you are blocked</p>

<p>ok, thanks for the quick reply</p>