Is being gay a plus???

Ok so I know this seems like a stupid question, but is being gay a plus in college admissions? If so, how much does it help, especially if you’re an overrepresented minority? And is there any place on the application where you can fill it out?

No, it will make no impact either way.

On most top college campuses, LGBTQ is overrepresented compared to the surrounding area. So no, it is mot a plus. It might make for an intereseing essay, although that topic has bacome a bit cliché

No, it is not a plus. Why would it be? It’s a normal state of being for a meaningful % of the human population. Based only on the small # of people that I know, and the small % of applicants that post on CC, many, many essays have been written on the subject.

From another post you are about to start grade 10. Go read this: