Is Biochemistry impacted?

<p>I'm an incoming mathematics major and I want to switch to biochem.</p>

<p>It says all biological division sciences are impacted on the website.</p>

<p>However, biochem is listed under the chemistry division as "chemistry/biochem". Does this mean I can switch into biochem?</p>

<p>there's no "biochemistry" major (in the singular sense of the word) at ucsd.</p>

<p>there's biochem/cell bio and biochem/chem. the latter is not impacted. it's an awesome major. be prepared for lots of chemistry. (it's basically a chemistry major with three biochemistry classes included, and pchem-lite)</p>

<p>So basically there are two biochems, but one focused on cell biology and the other focused on chemistry? Hmm. I'm guessing the first ones impacted. Maybe I'll go the biochem/chem route! Would you recommend this for a revelle student? (I heard that chemistry majors are well fit for revelle's GEs)</p>

<p>Also which would be better for a premed route? Or a prepharm route?</p>

<p>two things i can't reiterate enough on this forum:</p>

<li>college and majors are NOT linked. you'll find a higher population of science majors at revelle, but you can do whatever major you want at whatever college you end up in.</li>
<li>there's NO "best" major for a premed/prepharm/preprofessional whatever route. these grad programs are naturally more heavy on the sciences and lots of people have enough interest to major in science as well, but it's by no means a requirement.</li>

<p>check out the archives, these questions have been answered over and over.</p>