Is BioEng really hard to get into?

<p>I've heard BioEngineering in Berkeley is really hard to get most people have 700+ SAT I verbal...i've even heard that now bioEng is harder to get into than EECS</p>

<p>ok., heres my profile:
CA resident,
UC GPA 4.45
SAT: 630 V 800M
SAT II: 710 writing 800 Math IIc 760 Chem
Sophomore: AP Chem 5 AP Calc BC 5
Junior: AP Physics C e/m 5 on both. AP Bio 4 </p>

<p>My EC is nothing compared to anyone in CC
tutoring for 2 years
Volunteering at Stanford Blood Center for awhile
btw, is EC really that important....i hate EC</p>

huh? almost nothing.
8th place in calculus in some county math competition
AP Scholar w/ Distinction....<--pssh...
Maybe a Community Service Award, which is pending</p>

<p>Also applying to UCSD, UCLA, UMich, Cornell, Johns Hopkins</p>

<p>l wished i got a good october Sat score so i can put into my application and send them early....</p>

<p>thx for looking
p.s. hope the response is better here.</p>

<p>bioe has a higher admissions rate than eecs</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>^ this also shows averages for the coe, i cant find anything specific to bioe though</p>