is Boston University School of Management worth 50K?

<p>hi, i applied to BU SMG.. i'm an international student, meaning full fee paying. I would like to know from anyone if BU SMG is worth the 50k.. i know you can't put a price tag to an education but I would like to make the best decision to make my parent's money worth.</p>

<p>Other than the location, student body, I would like to know more about the school reputation, prospectus, prestige, recruit, etc etc thankyou !!! anyone?</p>

<p>The school does have an excellent reputation, and it is worth 50K if you take full advantage of being in Boston. It is not worth 50K if you have to take out a loan or put your parents into debt. If you are only going to take the classes and get a degree, you can do that anywhere, but if you are going to get involved in clubs that network around Boston, and even get some meaningful internships, then that would be taking advantage of the full aspects of being in Boston. Note: part of that 50K is the cost of living in Boston, as apartments and dorms are expensive in that area. Good luck to you ... I hope you hear back favorably!</p>

<p>What state do you live in?</p>

<p>If you have 50K to spend, then maybe it is. However, if you are talking about taking out loans for a large chunk of it, then probably not.</p>

<p>At least USD 200,000 over the course of four years vs. whatever your other options are. Only spend that kind of money if it will guarantee you a job in your home country after you graduate.</p>

<p>@happymomof1 thank you for the advice! i'm really considering. i'm from sydney so i'm considering if i should stay in sydney (tuition fees at 3000$) compared to boston at 50000$. </p>

<p>@familyof3boys well my parents are comfortable with paying 50000$ a year without loans. But i don't want it to be a unworthy investment. I think boston is a great place to be studying but i'm just uncertain. </p>

<p>@ArKhAiK i live in sydney, australia!</p>

<p>@SnowflakeVT thank you for the long and informed reply! Seems like I will be accepting the offer most probably. It's Boston after all!!!</p>

<p>Because from what I heard on forums, there are alot of people saying that SMG Boston is not worth 50k etc, there are better smaller and liberal arts colleges which offer better education, thus i'm divided.</p>

<p>The international college experience will be great, but if the difference is 3,000 versus 50,000, I hope your parents already have their retirement completely set aside. That really is a $200,000 US difference. If you're still in doubt when it's time to decide (May 1st), perhaps you go to your Sydney option for undergrad, and then try to get into a more prestigious option for grad school in the US (Harvard, Thunderbird, Northwester, Dartmouth Tuck, etc.).</p>

<p>Why don't you go to uni in Australia, but choose one that gives you the option of a semester or year as an exchange student in the US? You would be essentially guaranteed enrollment at one of the participating colleges or universities here, and you would have a bit more time to research them and decide which will work best for you.</p>

<p>Since you don't seem certain that BU-SMG is what you really want, at the very least, you should think about taking a gap year, doing more research on colleges and universities here, and applying next year. The kind of money you are considering spending to attend BU-SMG should only be spent if that is the best college or university for your goals.</p>

<p>@SnowflakeVT you're right. I should most probably finish up my undergrad in sydney considering it's higher ranked than boston uni (but sometimes its not all about ranking sufijdsfdsfnsnfjd ugh) haha about to pull my hair out. but thanks for the advice! Grad school sounds great, but because most australians are satisfied with just a Bachelor (major generalization), the degrees are mostly very specialized like accounting which allows me to work in one of the Big4 immediately after graduation... thus i'm not sure if i would want to start grad school afterall</p>

<p>@happymomof1 that's what i was considering as well. to do an exchange in US/europe to further decide my options for grad school but i was considering the prestige between my current univ (university of new south wales) and Boston univ. in a case where i don't want to do a MBA, grad school etc, which uni's reputation would bring me further in the finance society. You are right, I should do more research before replying in May 1st.</p>