Is BU a good party school?

<p>I heard the cops and everything are very strict about drinking and partying. I also heard the dorm policies are ridiculous and it’s hard to bring ppl to ur dorm. So, I leave you with this: IS BU a good party school and is it hard to drink/have fun there?</p>

<p>I have no personal experience , but I do know a few students that got a little too caught up in the party scene from BU. Don't know if it is parties from apartments rented by BU students.
My good friend's son has had a few issues this year, and his GPA is rather disappointing as a result. Could just be freshman year adjustments, or too much partying..they feel is is the latter</p>

<p>BU is not a party school like traditional party schools. That being said, it doesn't mean that no one ever goes to parties or drinks. But we're in the city of boston, we won't have the same dynamics as schools in the middle of no where with nothing else to do.</p>

<p>The guest policy is just that if you want to bring someone into your dorm that doesn't live on campus as BU, you have to sign then in and they leave and ID with the guard. Very painless.</p>

<p>As far as adults being strict on drinking, just don't be dumb and loud about it or throw a house party with 200 people.</p>

<p>smoke pot.</p>

<p>rofl. hear hear, dj.</p>

<p>so its not that strict, like im sure you can still have parties and fun there right</p>

<p>First you have to make a clear distinction. Parties do not happen in dorms or university residences. WHile BU has greatly liberalized the guest policy, they are still quite strict on drinking in the dorms. Given these policies, most parties are off-campus in apartments, frat houses, etc. There are ALWAYS parties to go to on the weekends. The only reason I don't call it a party school is because there are so many other things that students can and do choose to do on weekends. I like to party on occasion and never have a problem finding a place to have a drink (or two, or three...) and unwind. All you need is one friend in a frat and you are set. Freshman tend to wander aimlessly around west campus thinking they will find parties. You just need an upperclassman friend and you will have no problem. So to sum it up, BU is not a "party" school, but there are always parties going on. Sure, they sometimes get broken up by the cops, but I have never had this happen.</p>

<p>OOH!.. What other things do you like to do on the weekends? I was hoping the answer to this question would be no, and am curious about other activities at BU.</p>

<p>You could essentially do anything. Heres some of what I do:</p>

<p>-Visit my friends' apartments and dorms just to hang out, watch movies, pig out on pizza, etc.</p>

<p>-Always go to the BU hockey games on Friday or Saturday night to cheer on my Terriers (who let me down big time this season)</p>

<p>-Go to a nightclub if I can find a girl who would like to go</p>

<p>-Play some pool or go bowling</p>

<p>-Go visit another college campus to see if any particularly fun activities are going on. Harvard, Northeastern, MIT, Emerson, and Berkeley are all a very quick commute</p>

<p>I'm sure there are a million more things if you don't feel like going to a party on a weekend.</p>

<p>you can't plan fun....</p>

<p>Fun is not getting kicked out of school. ^_~</p>

<p>Lol that kind of fun I guess you couldn't plan. You are right.</p>

<p>everyschool i have been to in this country is a party school in some way. &lt;/p>

<p>BU is a city school. Schools out in the middle of nowhere probably have more of an on-campus, planned party scene - because there aren't alternatives.</p>

<p>I’m in my senior year of high school and I live in a really small town so most of the high schoolers here drink and do other things because there’s nothing else to really do. I really enjoy going to parties but it seems like BU doesn’t really have a lot to offer when it comes to throwing them. What are the parties like at BU and where do most of them take place? Do you think I should go here even though I’d really like to go to a party school? I loved the campus and the people but I feel like the lack of parties and “college life” will make me hate going there :(</p>

<p>I think you would be happier at ZooMass-Amherst.</p>

<p>Ha funny ^</p>

<p>There’s definitely parties on and off campus if you know where to look (I don’t go, partly because I don’t drink and partly because I’m an engineer). The one thing to look out for is campus police; in my opinion, BU has one of the strictest alcohol/underage drinking policies of any college. In general, it works something like this:</p>

<p>1: If you show up back at your dorm drunk, the guard(s) at the front desk will take your BUID away and hold you in the lobby until an ambulance can take you to the hospital.</p>

<p>2: If you’re at a party and it gets busted, and the cops suspect you’ve been drinking (even if you’re just flushed from moving around), you automatically get taken to the hospital.</p>

<p>3: BU has no explicit “medical amnesty” policy:
From the Student Lifebook (and written by the Dean of Students):
“When the University learns of a student’s illegal possession or use of alcohol or drugs as a result of that student’s seeking medical assistance for him or herself, or another person, that student ORDINARILY would not be subject to University disciplinary sanctions for possession or use of that substance so long as the student completes all education and counseling programs recommended by the University.”</p>

<p>In other words, if you and your friends drink, and you need to call an ambulance because your friend isn’t breathing, you can still get punished if they find out you were drinking; amnesty isn’t guaranteed, and from what I’ve seen/heard, the BUPD is more concerned with extremely strict enforcement than getting students help (each week, they publish how many people were taken to hospitals/how many parties were broken up).</p>

<p>That being said, keep in mind there’s another 150,000 college students in Boston, so there’s bound to be a party somewhere (with the possible exception of MIT, but even that’s debatable).</p>

<p>One point of clarification, I personally spoke to Dean Elmore as well as one of the top guys in the BUPD, can’t remember his name at the moment, specifically about the medical amnesty policy at BU. I was told by both that unless there were extraordinary circumstances, such as hazing or the like, that there absolutely would be medical amnesty. This is quite different than your interpretation of the medical amnesty policy in your “In other words…” statement above.</p>

<p>As a parent of a sophomore, I have had several conversations with my daughter about this. My college (back when erasable typing paper was huge) was a big, big drinking campus although I didn’t know it when I enrolled. Town life was dull compared to college life - basically, the college was the social outlet, and since there was nothing to do, Fridays were margarita night. Saturdays everyone studied, or went to a frat party. ETC. </p>

<p>In contrast, when we talk to our daughter on the weekend, she is always with friends and they are attending a hockey game, going to a museum, biking or kayaking the Charles, learning to ski, going to some fabulous place with the Outing Club, shopping on Newbury Street, eating incredible food in the North End…Devilsrule is right on when he says that on an urban campus there are many, many other fun things to do instead of drink. That said, DD does know where to go if she wants to, and she has - she just finds it rather dull compared to the zillion other things to do. With all respect to you, Lauren and OP, you just might find better alternatives, but if you really want to drink and party I am sure you can find good spots.</p>