is business management a worthless major??

<p>whats up guys i just signed up cuz you seem pretty knowledgable about this college stuff. so i went to OU (ohio university) for my first year but then had to move back home due to the economy which hit my family extremely hard financially. i now go to a community college and have been there for the past couple years.</p>

<p>now the CC has partnership agreements with some local 4 yr colleges so i can complete a 4yr degreee at the CC which is really ideal for my current situation. the problem is that they are very limited in what they offer. i would like to major in something like religion or philosophy but thats not gonna happen since this place is much more career oriented</p>

<p>so anyways im like 3/4 semesters away from a business managment major and i was wondering *** you do with it.. is it worthless if you dont come from a top school. i'll be honest here and say that academics are not a strength of mine, i mean im not dumb but im not a genius either BUT one of my strengths is my social skills in that im outgoing and can make friends really easily.</p>

<p>so having said all that is business management major OK for me? honestly i just want to get out of school... i know it sounds bad but i feel like im wasting away here... i lived in South Carolina the last couple summers as a lifeguard and i got close to never coming back :0</p>

<p>No, it's not a worthless major. Actually any college major will open more doors than having a 2 year degree or no degree. CC's are definitely oriented towards career classes. But, they should offer some religion and philosphy classes. Load up with as many as you can. Good luck.</p>

<p>The philosophy any college degree is a good one is completely wrong. Especially with the way the market is now</p>

<p>Go for a management or marketing major and look toward a career in sales. Don't need stellar grades or much higher education, but social skills and likeability are key.</p>