is business the right major for this career path?

<p>is business the right major to become an entertainment agent and go onto law school?</p>

<p>should i double major with something also law related..or what?</p>

<p>fine for law school. Agents are a breed apart. I think you need the right personality traits. (cutthroat shark comes to mind).</p>

<p>but i mean agents do not not get educated i mean they major in something!! i was thinking business major, maybe double major with something law related, or a minor in film </p>

<p>what you thinkg</p>

<p>I would suggest a business major with a minor in communications. Worry about law related classes when you actually get to law school.</p>

<p>Also business is a great back-up in case you decide law school isn't right for you.</p>

<p>Communications (if the school's major is media-based) will provide you with knowledge of the entertainment industry as well as communication skills that are necessary to become an agent.</p>

<p>Law related classes at the undergraduate level are useless. Try not to make your curriculum look so "pre-law."</p>

<p>so you can definitely get into a top 10 law school by majoring in business or something not exactly law related..?</p>

<p>Some majors to consider for law school (randomly ordered):</p>

<p>Business Administration
Political Science
Criminal Justice
Foreign Language

<p>In another word, you can pretty much major in anything and still get into top 10 schools.</p>

<p>BTW, According to the Harvard Law website:</p>

"The nature of candidates' college work, as well as the quality of academic performance, is taken into account in the selection process. As preparation for law school, a broad college education is usually preferable to one that is narrowly specialized. ** The Admissions Committee looks for a showing of thorough learning in a field of your choice, such as history, economics, government, philosophy, mathematics, science, literature or the classics, rather than a concentration in courses given primarily as vocational training. ** The Admissions Committee considers that those programs approaching their subjects on a more theoretical level, with attention to educational breadth, are better preparatory training for the legal profession than those emphasizing the practical."


<p>I am a CPA and an Attorney. When I started my career as a CPA, I was working for a CPA firm that specialized in entertainment in NYC. Essentially, schooling takes you only so far; it is all about the contacts. The old cliche
about starting in the mailroom at William Morris maybe a little dated now but certainly choosing a school that offers good intern programs in the entert. field may be a key. Just a thought.</p>

<p>MBJ, i am actually looking into colleges more than ever now because i'm going to be a senior next year, NYU is on the top of my list because i want to go into the entertainment industry in the form of a lawyer or an agent (lawyer first because agent jobs like the william morris mailroom i don't think i'll be able to live off salary and you can make contacts as lawyer in entertainment) so majoring in business in undergrad and then going into law school while interning along the way in various entertainment NYC opportunities would be a good path?</p>