Is Butler for me?

<p>I really have only heard of Butler due to the final four but I've seen it's gaining popularity (partly from the final four I'm assuming). I don't know much about the school and why is there so little talk about it here. It seems nice. Mid sized amount of students, lots of majors, D1 sports, etc. What is the typical Butler student like? What kind of person is the school for? Any general information that would be nice to know? How's life there? Is it well respected in all majors for employers, or only for certain departments?</p>

<p>I would like to know more about Butler also. They have a big dance dept no doubt. Frats and athletics seem big is my impression. Any students or parents with info?</p>

<p>It's hard to describe the type of student who goes to Butler. There are a wide variety of people and personalities that go to school here. I would describe the students as extremely hard working. Butler is not an easy school by any means, but everyone here strives to achieve and do well. We do know how to have fun, but don't come to Butler thinking you can skip most of your classes and still float on by thinking you'll have a decent GPA and can still graduate on time. Classes are relatively small, and your professors will notice if you do not attend regularly. The professors here at Butler are extremely helpful. I've never come across a professor that wasn't willing to help me succeed. Greek life is prominent here at Butler. About 1/3 of campus is greek, however our greek life strives to have everyone on campus involved in all events. Our Independent Council is very involved on campus and often pairs up with greek organizations for events and homecoming and etc. I feel that all majors are well respected - many of the majors offer programs to help make your resume and grad school applications look better than the rest. I was able to present research at our Undergraduate Research Conference as a freshman, and the fact that I was on a research team as a freshman is unheard of at any other school. The Speech Pathology majors are able to work in a clinic that Butler has, getting in hours that count toward grad school when most SLP's going into grad school have no experience working with kids and have no observation hours whatsoever. All Business majors are required to take Real Business Experience, where Butler gives money to groups and they start their own business and try to profit. Whether they fail or succeed, it's a real eye-opener to the students for how business really works. I would say that Butler has the most recognition for our Pharmacy program, Physicians Assistant program, Business program, and Dance program. Many other majors are high ranked and are well known, but I feel that those are the top programs that Butler is most recognized for. Life at Butler is what you make of it. Some people don't like being as involved, others want to join every club possible. I personally love Butler with all of my heart. I love the spirit that runs through our veins during basketball games, I love the people that go here and how I can always have a familiar face around. I don't think I could handle a big school where I could walk a half mile and not recognize a single face. I love how close in proximity everything is on campus, and how extremely safe I feel no matter the time of day or night. Butler is absolutely 100% the school for me. :)</p>

<p>if 1/3 of students go greek, does it have an overwhelming presence on the campus?
like if i didnt go greek would i feel left out?
what are the benefits of going greek?
also, do you have any info about the PA program?</p>

<p>The common phrase on campus when it comes to greek life is "prominent, not dominant." While greek life does put on many activities and they are well advertized, I never felt left out when I was a freshman (I won't lie to you though, I did end up going greek). Some people do feel the effects of greek life more than others, but I've never heard of anyone who was independent feeling left out. I still hang out with many of my friends who didn't go greek, and they often come to greek events with me. I personally went greek so I could meet more people and make more connections. Butler's greek life is a lot different than on other campus for the fact that our main focus are our philanthropies. We strive hard to make as much money for our charities as possible. There isn't much competition between our sororities/fraternities or anything like that. I feel like that's why so many people go greek, and why so many people don't feel that it dominates campus, because it's not like greek life at other schools.</p>

<p>I don't know much about the PA program, other than that it's a 5 year auto-advance program. You can look here for more information that I obviously do not have haha. :) : Physician</a> Assistant Program - Butler University</p>