Is Calculus I at VT only given as online course?

<p>I heard that the Calculus & Matrices course required for freshman year is not a class, but an online-only course. Is this true? Are there other courses freshmen need to take that are online only, as well? Can anyone comment on the math support provided to freshman while they are taking that course - how available are real people to help out, etc.? Thanks.</p>

<p>i thought that it was linear algebra that was online.</p>

<p>The only strictly online math course at VT is Linear Algebra. For Calculus I you will be given a traditional lecture and you will use MatLab (Computer Program) as a supplement to the class for certain assignments. If you ever have any questions concerning any math class offered at VT feel free to go to the "Math Emporium" to seek assistance--there is a full time staff on hand to give you can even get one-on-one tutoring for math classes for free! Virginia Tech definitely has an amazing program...Im a junior and am very pleased with our program.</p>

<p>the only class you cant take in the classroom is linear algebra(unless your in the honors program) and that class is suer easy, even without a teacher.</p>

<p>For Calc I and II, you have a choice of whether to take it in a classroom or online.</p>

<p>Thanks everybody. Does anyone know how placement is done? We spoke with a student yesterday who said there was no placement exam. You just sign up for what's required of your major. Is that your experience also?</p>

<p>yes, I believe so.</p>

<p>What do you plan on majoring in?</p>