Is Carleton need-aware?

<p>Does Carleton make admissions decisions for the marginal student on the basis of ability to pay?</p>

<p>CardinalFang, they say that they're 90% need-blind (or 10% need aware, take your pick). According to a student who works in the admissions office, the ad committee pretty much picks the entire class that they want, then takes a look at where they stand financially. That's where the 10% (or less) comes in, with full-pay students on the cusp being more likely to be admitted and vice-a-versa--depending on if the level of financial aid required by the admitted class as whole.</p>

<p>I see. So a top student gets in regardless of her financial circumstances, but a student who's on the bubble has a better chance if he's rich.</p>

<p>That's probably a fair assessment. Their policy does affect quite a small portion of the admits most years, but it does usually determine at least a handful of cases.</p>