Is (book rental company) reliable?

<p>It's 2 weeks before classes and my campus bookstore has run out of used books. Since book rental prices are really cheap, I'm thinking about renting my textbooks from Chegg. Has anybody used this service before and had a bad experience with it?</p>


<p>I just used Chegg to rent a book for a summer course I took. I didn't have any problems - I got it quickly, and returning it isn't hard either (you just need to drop it off at a UPS mailbox/store after printing the shipping label).</p>

<p>I even sold some books to them for a better price than I got from other websites. I guess the only drawback to selling books to Chegg is that you can only get either Chegg credit or a stored value Visa card.</p>

<p>I have always been able to find new or like new books cheaper to buy than I could rent fromm Chegg.</p>

<p>i use chegg whenever i can.</p>

<p>D added up her book order for Spring on the campus bookstore site and the total, with all but one of the books being used, was 623.00 (USED!)</p>

<p>On chegg, 8 of these 9 books totalled $226. (Free shipping guaranteed by 1.12 and a discount with the coupon code REMSEN.) (The last book, a current best seller, costs 11.99 on Amazon new and was 9.99 to rent, so she will buy that one because I want to read it! )</p>

<p>So, she will have paid about $240 in rental fees.</p>

<p>For Fall, the bookstore only bought back 3 of her books; out of $315, she recouped $46.</p>

<p>I am wary and hope the books arrive in time for start of semester. I think these fees are reasonable in light of what happened this Fall. </p>

<p>Stay tuned!</p>

<p>My daughter had a very bad experience with Chegg last quarter. She decided to give them a trial run with one book to see what their service was like, and it was not good.</p>

<p>Ordered the book with about 3 weeks to the start of class, and ordered to be delivered at home. With a week to go before leaving, still no book...and her order always said "processing".</p>

<p>Finally got through to their customer service and they said "Oh, we ran out of that book. Not sure if we are going to get any more". I asked if they'd planned on telling us at any time that they couldn't fulfill the order and his response? "Well, we're still trying". Well guess what? She doesn't have any more time to wait.</p>

<p>If notification had been given sooner, it would have at least given her an opportunity to go to Plan B sooner. But their system didn't allow for that, and she ended up having to try and find it used at the bookstore because of the timing.</p>

<p>Sadly, that episode caused her to cross Chegg permanently off her resource list because she wasn't willing to risk the hassle again.</p>

<p>I've been using to rent my textbooks for the last 1 1/2 years and have yet to experience any problems. With my university and type of program (accelerated) I usually find out which book I need for my upcoming course 2 weeks before the course begins. So far I haven't had any arrive after the course started...except when I waited until 2 days before the course started to place my order.</p>

<p>I have not used Chegg but I have ordered several used books online (through sites such as amazon marketplace,,, ebay). I have got the books at much cheaper prices than at the school bookstore and sometimes as cheap as the rental sites. I figure that I then have the option of keeping them if they are books I think I might need for reference, or attempting to sell them myself.</p>

<p>My books last semester were over $700 getting them through the school book store (mixture of new/used and excluding a book my son had used a previous semester that they would not buy back so it was free to me). I ended up paying under $300 to buy them used.</p>

<p>I have only once had a problem with a book ordered used online. It never arrived and I had to file a claim through They got the money back for me from the seller. It took about a month.</p>

<p>I have used Chegg for the past 3 years with no problems, they have always have the cheapest prices for my books and have had very fast shipping.</p>

<p>I've found you can usually buy the book online for a little more than what renting it on Chegg does, and if you're in a field where courses build on top of each other having a personal library can be a very nice thing.</p>

<p>the important thing to remember is to compare the total costs in regards to either renting them through a site such as Chegg or buying them used online through a website like Amazon and their marketplace. i've found a couple of recent Chegg-inquiring posts today, so to save time, i'm just copying and repasting what i originally said on the first one (and letting it know that):</p>

<p>i tried them this semester for the religion class i'm taking here at Wooster, and they were great. i chose the free shipping, ordered on...the 8th or something, and they were here by the 13th. one book i think is actually brand new, and the other one is obviously used, but still in pretty good condition. they provided tracking information for both books/one order, so perhaps that's why you only have one tracking number for yours, OP.</p>

<p>overall, i'm very satisfied and will most likely use them again very soon. i have a discount code if anyone is looking to use Chegg, so send me a PM :)</p>

<p>Chegg Rocks!!</p>

<p>Not only do they save you a ton of money on textbooks. They plant a tree for every order. Save 5% on any order with this reusable coupon code: CC125819</p>

<p>Not good!!! I was charged 185.00 to my account for purchase of three books I returned late. Customer service said I was sent an email two months prior to notify me, but would not provide any help at all to resolve. I would stay away from this service and BEWARE of giving the your credit card number!!!</p>

<p>I have used Chegg before and they are very realiable. Here is a coupon code I found which will save you an extra 5% off their rental prices (it also makes you an extra $5 if you sell a book to them). The coupon code is CC107585
Good luck</p>

<p>I never used chegg, however, has been very reliable for me. Very good service.</p>

<p>No. It isn't. I looked up some of the books i would need and they wanted $70 something for 60 days. Well a semester is much longer then that. So i would have had to pay more just to keep 'renting' it.</p>

<p>Honestly i think its a scam.</p>

<p>I just put in an order for them and they were great at helping me out, even when I made a mistake on my mailing address. Really responsive, and they have already shipped when I ordered them 2 days ago. So far, so good, and I saved over $300 on my books for the semester!</p>

<p>Chegg killed my parents and burned down my house.</p>

<p>Your move, new user advertisers.</p>

<p>^^That didn't even occur to me. It seems like a legitimate question.
Always compare prices with new and used online, as people above have said. We just started using chegg, and it's been fine.</p>

<p>Our experience with Chegg:
We looked carefully at the prices from, bookstore and Chegg.
In every case the cost to buy was only a few $$ more than the cost to rent.
For example - the cost to buy a speech book was $47.00 and chegg price was $36.00. Since she knows she will be able to get more than $11.00 for the book it was better to buy.
Same thing with her science books - her Microbiology book was $87.45 on Amazon and $53.49 on chegg. Knowing she might want it for later and that she will be able to get at least $34.00 for it used made the decision to buy a no-brainer.</p>

<p>Like always - there is no "always". Shop around and consider the value (if any) for the book beyond the course.</p>

PS - if you are taking a book that will span two semesters - buy it and sell it later.</p>