Is Chem/Biochemistry worth it?

<p>So I am a freshman in college and have been going through numerous majors trying to decide what I want to stick with. I came in as a physics major but then realized it was not fit for me. Currently I am focused on a CS major but the topic is on and off for me. I have also thought about math but pure math is what I would do and the job prospects look grim.</p>

<p>Chemistry was the first science that ever interested me and I would like to go back to it. I haven't been able to take a Chem class yet so I'm a bit rusty. I took AP Chem (got a 5) and the SAT 2 for Chem (800) so I don't think I'm too far behind. My question would going into this field be worth it? I would most definitely pursue a Ph D but even then I know it's difficult to find a stable job. Are there any fields in Chem that are more valuable than others? Should I double up with another subject? Sorry for the long post but I just needed to get this all out. Thanks! </p>

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<p>I would avoid biology/chemistry alltogether and definately not get a PhD in the sciences. I’ve posted many times before on the sad pyramid scheme science grad programs have degenerated into as well as the atrocious unemployment levels and salaries that science grads are asked to endure (work via a temp agency for $15-20 per hour no benefits no sick days, no raises, and no career development).</p>

<p>If you like chemistry either consider chemical engineering or go into a health care profession like pharmacy or MD. Otherwise don’t set your self up for a lifetime of poverty and unemployment.</p>

<p>How hard would it be to land a job as a professor if I managed to get a PhD in chemistry? </p>

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<p>Math > chemistry, biology in job prospects, although most math jobs are in finance/statistics or computers (it would be wise to supplement a pure math major with courses in those areas).</p>

<p>Re: PhD in chemistry</p>

<p>You may want to read [Education:</a> The PhD factory : Nature News](<a href=“]Education:”>Education: The PhD factory | Nature) .</p>

<p>While PhDs in math and physics may find their way into finance and computer jobs (bleeding off the excess of PhDs in the competition for math and physics research and academic jobs), those in chemistry and biology are less desired outside their fields, so they likely face fiercer competition to get chemistry and biology research and academic jobs.</p>

<p>Would majoring in Chem and minoring in Math/CS help boost my desirability?</p>