Is Chicago as stressful as I hear it is?

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<p>I got admitted to Chicago and didn't really consider going there, until my dad suddenly decided to make a visit this week. He thinks that Chicago is an academically powerful school and considering that the university is giving me more money than expected (though I still have to a pay a lot), he believes that Chicago will provide an exciting study environment without demanding much cost. However, the problem is that I hear a lot about Chicago being a really really stressful school. Do people there get a lot of stress? Thank you for your replies!</p>

<p>I'm a parent, cannot comment on stress. Only the bills are stressful for me. </p>

<p>I DO think you need to have a heart to heart with your parents. If I understand, your father visited? What about you? You don't get a vote here?</p>

<p>At any rate, your question has been extensively discussed in other posts on this board. Take some time to look at the older threads. Feel free to post at the end of one and resurrect it if you want. I suspect you'll get the info you need better that way.</p>

<p>Look, Chicago will make you work. Unless you decide to load up on honours physics/chem/calculus all in one quarter, it's not such an ungodly amount that you'll have to lock yourself in your room. Look to do anywhere between 30-50 hours a week, depending on your major, electives and general studying habits.</p>

<p>there is no amount of work that any college that i know of that gives that causes its students to constantly be working or studying. think about it: even if you have, say, 3 hours of outside work per every hour of class (which is being very generous), you have max 4 courses at a time, each meeting for class about 3 or 4 hours per week. that multipies out to a max of 4<em>4</em>3 = 48 hours of schoolwork per week, which, when spread effectively over the weekdays and weekends, leaves a considerable amount of down time. i, on the other hand, know that i will instead devote my free time procrastination and cramming, in a ratio of about 4:1. whatever your method is, you ought to know that though there is a lot of work, it can be completed painlessly. also know that if your study method is akin to mine, any rigorous school in the country will be painful to you during those cramming periods. it is what you make of it.</p>