Is civil engineering a good major in terms of job security? civil engineering job market?

I think I’m somewhat fascinated by civil engineering but I’m fairly hesitant to select that as my major simply because I don’t hear people talking about it that much, especially when in comparison to mechanical, electrical or computer engineering.
So I was simply wondering if it would be extremely difficult for me to land a civil engineering job after I graduate, or should I just switch to a more “popular” major, such as mechanical or electrical.
I’m planning on getting my degree from UT and would like to stay in the Houston-Austin region after I graduate. So how likely am I to land a job in this area with a civil engineering degree because I’m fairly confused about the civil engineering job market and if its growing?

Thank you

Since you are very interested in Civil Engineering, I would choose it. I have been a Civil Engineer for 35 years, and no two days are the same! And there is great satisfaction when you can see something you designed, get constructed. I do not know about the job market, but it just seems unwise to choose a major just because it is popular. Historically, CE offers good job security, though not necessarily high salaries.

All fields of engineering have their ups and downs. The constant seems to be that the good engineers will almost always have jobs. The not so good ones might struggle in the down times.

So, the best path would be to choose a field that you like and because you enjoy your job, you will be better at doing it and therefore have the best chance at always having a job. Good performance will also net you better pay and more exciting jobs. Sounds like the best of all worlds and it certainly can be that.