Is Clark University intellectually challenging?

Im very interested in clark university and really like all it seems to offer. However, I’m a bit above their numbers. They offered me a lot of aid, but I’m worried that it won’t be much of a challenge to A students like me. Do you think this is true? Is it something i need to worry about?

I don’t know much about Clark, but is it possible for you to visit? Sit in on a few classes, talk to current students, and see if you think it suits you.

Also, maybe post on the Clark forum; people may know more about Clark there.

Good luck!

Clark should be as intellectually challenging as you want/make it to be. Do they have an honors college?

According to Clark’s latest Common Data Set, 48% of entering freshman in Fall 2015 had high school GPAs of 3.75 or better. And 44% of entering freshmen graduated in the top 10% of their high school classes. So if you go to Clark, there will be plenty of other A students in your classes.

If you are “a bit above their numbers” in terms of test scores, that may be why they are offering you generous aid – they want to attract students with good scores to help to bring up their averages. So you may get better aid at Clark than you would at schools with higher numbers.

All of Clark is an honors program.

Clark is a top 100 university. I have been challenged here both academically and socially.

  1. In this day and age it's not very hard to find out this sort of info in any number of ways.
  2. Unless you received a full ride from Clark, you're not as "above" their numbers as you think.
  3. Forgive me if #2 is indeed true....well there's still that whole issue of #1.

Darnit, that wasn’t very helpful - and really not in keeping with the “live and let live” spirit of being a Clarkie. My apologies.