Is CMU's APEA program selective?

<p>I am a sophomore now and i want to apply to cmu's APEA program. I heard that sophomores tend not to get accepted. Is that true?
I didnt get a high grade in PSAT, actually pretty low. But my math part meets their requirement. And since im an international student, i need toefl, but i took it like two years ago..And it is pretty
My GPAs are O.K but not that excellent. 4.5-5 out of 6?
Do i still have chances to get in?
there are like 4 kidds in my school applying for this. they're all rising seniors. So that might be a thing to consider as well..</p>

<p>My sis is a sophomore GPA 3.93 out of 4. 2070 PSAT. She got in.</p>

<p>It depends. Are you applying through the Summer Programs for Diversity? With that program, a scholarship is granted that covers the full cost of APEA, including room and board. The Diversity APEA is very selective as there only a few full-ride scholarships available.</p>

<p>The regular APEA admissions are less selective. The program was a great experience for me, though, so good luck!</p>