Is co-op really important?

<p>I did 2 years in mechanical engineering before switching to math to be premed and subsequently pursue med school. Although I have a competitive application, I'm already burnt out of school and could not see myself going the med route; I was mostly chasing it for the prestige and money, anyway.</p>

<p>I'm transferring back to engineering (after 1 year out), because I actually like it a lot more than biology (although I'm not really passionate about anything that I've studied, which is a contributing factor in my burning out), and because I just want to be done school, and if I do co op, It'll be 6 years + 1 semester since I started uni to graduate versus 5 years flat if I don't do it. I have a high GPA and I'm going to try to get work experience in the summer (I already have some good work experience like lab work because of my pre med resume). Is co op really that important? Can I still get a good job without it? I'd have a tough time going to school for more than 2 more years; although I figure that the internships would allow break from schoolwork.</p>

<p>If you're working over the summer and can find decent jobs, then I don't see why you'd need a co-op. It's great to do if you can find one at a company you'd like to work at upon graduation, since placement rates for co-op students are really high, but otherwise if you're a strong student there's not as much need.</p>