Is Colgate too isolated?

How is Colgate’s location? Is Syracuse easily accessible, does it have much to offer? How about other towns within 1-2 hour drive?

Colgate University is located in a fairly isolated small town. Not sure that the city of Syracuse offers much that would be attractive to students from Colgate, but it depends upon what one is seeking. Don’t go to Colgate because the city of Syracuse is within a reasonable driving distance, instead evaluate the social life on campus.

You can read about Colgate’s village of Hamilton in this Forbes article, “America’s Friendliest Towns”:

Syracuse has been noted for its appeal to college students:

For an indication of areas within Colgate’s radius, this site can be helpful:

If you like aspects of Colgate’s environment, but would prefer convenient access to suburban amenities, look into Hamilton College:

Yes, it is isolated and Hamilton feels like a small town.

Hamilton is a small town. The closest city is Utica which is 35 mins away. The Utica/New Hartford area has some commercial establishments, small mall and shopping center. By Seneca turnpike and Commercial drive you will find Sangertown Mall (Target, JCPenny, Boscov, Macys, Pinz bowling, Home, DSW, H&M, Hollister, Bath and Body, VS, Champs, and other smaller stores.) Along commercial drive you will find Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, Pricechopper, Hannaford, Walmart, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Michaels, TJMaxx, Petsmart, Panera, Bed and Bath, Chipotle, Old Navy, Blaze, Starbucks, and other stores. Within a mile radius of this is the Marquee Cinema, Kohls, and other small restaurants and cafe. Syracuse is a bit farther from Colgate maybe an hour or so. D is a freshman at Colgate and we are local.

It’s only too remote if Amazon refuses to deliver there.