Is College Board late with sending October test scores?

D ordered some test scores with the “free” option to be sent as soon as results are ready. Yet as of today, they still say “pending.” I called and got an unsatisfactory answer about it taking up to two weeks - I think it’s been at least one since the scores were released and it’s never taken this long before. Anyone else having this issue?

They sent an email to me.

“Dear Student,
Processing of SAT® score report orders placed on or after Oct. 14 is taking longer than expected, and your score reports are among a set that have not yet been sent to colleges. This communication is most relevant for students who are using scores to meet immediate deadlines. We are working diligently to deliver all SAT score reports to colleges as soon as possible in order to meet college application deadlines. We will keep you updated on our progress.
In the meantime, we are reaching out to colleges with deadlines of Nov. 1 to make them aware of the circumstances and are encouraging them to be flexible should scores arrive late.
For colleges that allow self-reporting on their applications, you can view your scores online and provide them on the application.
We recognize the importance of timely score delivery and apologize for the inconvenience.
The College Board”