Is college really that hard?

<p>Is it just from really bad procrastinators? or is it really that much work?
I really want to know. I do not procrastinate at all and get all my homework done as fast as I can with no distractions. I work ahead and I study hard for all my classes. Will college really be that hard, like staying up till like 3 am everyday?</p>

<p>Quick Chances for Cornell?
Not taken legit sat yet (besides crappy 8th grade one) but 238 psat (78M, 80CR, 80W)
President of FBLA, Secretary for Academic Decathlon, Public Relations Officer for Gifted Club
1000 hours Community service with Leadership.
uh what else.. Max will be 5 B's in highschool (worst case) otherwise 3.96-4.0.
Well I'm only a soph. right now. I dont really have many awards except piano stuff (playing 8 years)
I think I can place in regionals and maybe state for economics for ac-dec (will that help for getting into AEM)
anything else I can do to have a better chance????</p>

<p>No, if you keep on your work, you shouldn't be up til like 3 am every day.</p>

<p>ur amazing</p>

<p>youll only stay up until 3 am regularly if you want to be an architecture major ;) ... jk...but not really :|</p>

<p>My architecture friend came into psych on a Monday morning and told me he wasn't in studio that late last night...he left at 3am</p>

<p>If you have either intelligence or work ethic, you'll do just fine at Cornell. It's not that necessary to have both.</p>

<p>Im not really that smart, I just work really hard and I dont want to get rejected from cornell.</p>

<p>you have 2 more years before this process starts...enjoy your innocence while you still have it before junior year begins!</p>

<p>wait.. I am hearing that getting in for AEM is hard? how hard?</p>

<p>I haven't found it to be particularly hard here. Yes it's stressful and yes there are times I have a lot of work, but I've gone out Friday and Saturday nights every weekend unless I just wanted a break. Making decent grades. Don't really even study all that hard either. Some people just work too freakin' hard.</p>

<p>there have been a few exams where I felt like I put in tons of time, but I still didn't do so well. (as in, more than one SD below the mean.) I just think it's pretty challenging, and I'm all about working promptly (and was in high school as well.) other classes are pretty easy. I don't usually stay up late unless I accidentally underbudgeted for a given activity.</p>

<p>all depends on major and whether you actually want to challenge yourself or you just want to get the highest grades without too much work. As a physics/math major i've found it pretty difficult here so far, but not so difficult that i'm pulling out my hair. Some of the tests i will admit have been pretty difficult with problems which are conceptually different from problems done on homework, where you have to sit there and think for a while, not like in HS where most of it was rote, and "oh i've seen this problem before".
I know some people who are taking the easiest courses they can find and of course it's a breeze to them. The annoying thing is they brag that they are beasting at an ivy league school.
Again, it's all relative. Depends on major, etc.</p>