Is College Worth It?

<p>Capitalist</a> Nation: Is College Worth It?</p>

<p>Posted some facts up there^, but basically all the facts just state that the salary of college grads is decreasing while tuition and competition are increasing. So I'm just actually curious, is it really worth it?</p>

<p>Like, taking into account these negatives, are your shots by going to college still better than not going to college?</p>

<p>I think it's worth it, even if you go partly for personal fulfillment. These days, it seems, you're disadvantaged if you don't go to college. It's become almost commonplace to get at least a bachelor's degree. I've met some people who are older who regretted not having gone and who feel frustrated that they didn't. I think some of them felt that their lack of education resulted in them not being taken seriously. (It's not too late to still get a degree late in life, but not everyone finds it convenient or worthwhile then.) </p>

<p>However, concerning salary, one of the best (easiest, highest paying) jobs I've had so far in life was one that some people without any degrees managed to get too. It makes you wonder. I worked at that job with one girl (mid-twenties) who got pregnant in high school, didn't go to college, was divorced by the time I met her and had two boyfriends at once, one of whom she was planning to marry. She surfed the web a lot of time at work... She got paid well though, same as some people there who had master's degrees.</p>

<p>Exactly. Is it just based on preference and subjectivity?</p>

<p>From an objective standpoint, do you think we could say that for the average person, it is worth it?</p>

<p>I don't think it is right now, but not because I'm con-education, but rather because the system needs a great change.</p>