Is Colorado State conservative/religious?

Hi - my daughter is strongly considering Colorado State. I just got some info that the environment might be conservative/religious. My daughter is neither.

Does anyone have any info on the cultural vibe of the school? I thought with 29,000 students it had to be pretty diverse in most realms (although, not ethnically, it seems).

This would not necessarily be a make-or-break just want her to have full info. Thank you!!

It is a state school, and more than half of its students are instate. It is also an ag school and attracts a lot of students from the more rural areas. The racial make up also reflects the population of the state.

Colorado is a purple state with some very red areas and some very blue areas. I don’t think CSU is particularly religious although some students may be. The town itself would offer access to all religions but mostly christian churches.

Thanks, twoinanddone - that’s helpful! My sense is CU Boulder is more liberal/progressive but it’s also way more pricey for us OOS.

CU-Boulder & the city of Boulder are liberal and progressive like Madison, Wisconsin–not as extreme as Berkeley.

Fort Collins–home to CSU–is nice, but not as beautiful as Boulder. More conservative than CU-Boulder. Low participation in Greek life at CSU.

Thank you, Publisher! D & I went on a mom-daughter trip to CO last year and both just loved Boulder and the whole CO area. Ft. Collins isn’t as dramatically beautiful but still is very nice and she likes the hiking, outdoorsy vibe a lot.