Is Communications Studies a joke major at UCLA?

<p>I got accepted to Comm studies as a junior transfer from a CCC. But everyone is giving me crap about it saying that communications is not a "real" major and that I wouldn't be able to find a job after I graduate. How does UCLA's comm studies compare with USC's annenberg? I want to get my MBA in the future</p>

<p>Any non-science major or any major that ends with "studies" is basically a fluff major in which your salary will never exceed $100k/year.</p>

<p>Comm studies is one of the most competitive majors at UCLA. It is a fluff major just about anywhere BESIDES UCLA. They take it pretty seriously there. A UCLA comm major has major clout given the close proximity to hollywood.</p>

<p>I hope the comment about the sciences was a joke. Yes, you'll be better able to make a living in the 9-5 grind doing boring lab work for the rest of your life with just a BS. But I plan on going to law school and doing what i love. </p>

<p>Id rather be a comm major and do something fun making a little less than be a scientist. bleg</p>

<p>LOLLOL...comm studies is north it is a joke..apparently GETTING IN to comm studies is supposedly hard (like the prereq classes are hard)....BUT once u are in its a joke lol...if ur trying to get an MBA it wont really matter about ur major..u need to do LOTS of ECs that show leadership etc..comm studies is an easy major and u'll get a high gpa..make sure u do LOTS of ECs and you will get in to MBA school..ur not going to get a job off of comm studies so just forget it..most ppl use it as an easy stepping stone for grad schools..i wouldnt go to USC cause it'd be a waste of money to go there, and u'll want to save money for MBA school so u don't have to take a huge loan</p>

<p>Im pretty sure you could finish undergrad in 3 years with this major.</p>

<p>I went to UCLA and communications is an extremely difficult major to be accepted to. Congratulations to you! My best friend was a comm major and she got a very cool job at Paramount Studios after graduation. On the other hand, if you're a communications major at USC, yes, it IS a fluff major...</p>

<p>^thank you italiafiend. i am very excited about my opportunity to study at UCLA. although i am still waiting for berkeley/usc decisions. what are the job prospects like for comm majors?</p>

LOLLOL...comm studies is north it is a joke


<p>gotta love the arrogance of the science majors, thinking they have a monopoly on academic rigor, even though the vast majority of them couldn't put together a coherent essay if their lives depended on it (trust me, I've done the CPRs for science classes)</p>

<p>^^lol i gotta love the arrogance of north campus majors..thinking that they are so damn good at writing..its funny on every north campus essay I've written so far my lowest grade has been a 95..and I got an 800 on my writing SAT so um pretty sure I can put a coherent essay together..pretty sure i can put an essay together bettter than most north campus majors can lol</p>

<p>^i bet ur good at being a virgin too</p>

<p>mnop you're acting like a douch*bag</p>

<p>-South Campus Major</p>

<p>I agree with sid3000.</p>

<p>Let's not disgrace our entire region of campus via the College Confidential forums.</p>

<p>South campus majors are not even that well off. It appears the only Bachelor degrees that mean anything are Engineering ones. Majors like Chemistry, Biology, and Math are useless by themselves unless you get a pHD or go pre-med. A lot of south campus majors are really working harder for nothing. -.-</p>

<p>Call Comm Studies a "fluff major" if you want but it'll get you just as far as a good 90% of majors offered at the university.</p>

<p>lol CELTICS ure still in high school buddy..GROOW UPP</p>

<p>and no sid3000 i offered the man advice hardly a douch<em>bag..offered him my opinion and many of the things i said initially are things many ppl would agree stuff like poli sci and comm studies to ochem..i think most ppl would agree ochem is muchh harder...and i only started making a douch</em>e comment went Icarus acted like a douch*e..he was accusing me of arrogance when he himself was acting arrogant lol</p>

<p>and yes sentiment i do agree with u all the way...a bachelors degree is useless..and yea a lot of south campus majors are working harder for nothing.. (some of them think they will be making tons of money as a doctor which isnt true at all lol)..thats why i tell prospective premeds to go to ucsd instead of point in working harder for nothing lol</p>

<p>^hey genius, if i was in high school, how did i get accepted to comm studies as a junior?</p>

<p>LOL mnop got owned</p>

<p>South campus majors are not even that well off. It appears the only Bachelor degrees that mean anything are Engineering ones. Majors like Chemistry, Biology, and Math are useless by themselves unless you get a pHD or go pre-med. A lot of south campus majors are really working harder for nothing. -.-</p>


<p>haha lol i didnt get owned arrowhead....celtics that comment of mine is what we call a figure of speech in the english was using it to describe ur maturity u idio*t lol...</p>

<p>isn't junior college just an extension of high school anyways?</p>

<p>IHate Celtics: Too bad this thread has gotten a bit off topic. It's a shame when that happens and someone is honestly looking for answers and advise. I feel that if you can't be helpful then don't post a reply.</p>

<p>To answer your Comm Studies is not a joke major. My daughter is a sophomore at UCLA and is a Comm major. She applied this fall at the start of her Sophomore year. She was accepted but she has friends that did not get in. You must have a UCLA gpa of about 3.8. so congrats to you. There is an organization she belongs to on campus for Comm majors that is very helpful with career info and internships. My daughter just started and internship at a PR firm in Hollywood that she goes to twice a week and will continue during the summer. She plans to have different internships the rest of the time she is at college. Getting a job after school (in any major) is more about who you are, what you have done, what internships you have had, then what school you went to. If you do well in school, get involved in things, do internships then you should not have trouble finding a job. LA is a great city to be in for Comm. as it is one of the communications capitals of the world. Comm Studies is a very god major at UCLA so please don't worry about people telling you otherwise.</p>