Is Cornell or Columbia easier to get into for Computer Science in the Early Decision round?

I love both schools but I can only apply to one ED and it really all comes down to which one I am more likely to get into.


No one can tell you how likely you are to get into these schools with no information about you and your application strength.

Why these two schools for CS?

Are they both affordable?

"Easy " and “Ivy” never should be used in the same sentence. No one can predict, even if you have perfect scores. Apply ED to the school that you love most.

Statistically, Columbia ED is quite a bit harder than Cornell ED, although I do recommend taking into account the advice above.

Keep in mind that the ED bump is also when recruited athletes, legacy students, and other hooked applicants are applying. In the decades doing alumni mtgs for Cornell I’ve seen a dwindling number of unhooked applicants being admitted in ED. A grand total of 0 in the last 5 years that I was responsible for in my area.

Which schools (aside from Columbia or Cornell) are you considering for RD apps? The cold truth is, you probably won’t get into Columbia or Cornell, even ED. (hard to imagine anyone’s chances are 50% or better at either of them, without major hooks and a perfect profile. Even then, they aren’t matches.)