is cornells cals a SUNY

<p>i wanted to no if the agri and liv sci school is a SUNY

<p>No, none of the schools at Cornell are affiliated with SUNY. However, it is considered public, and there are discounts on tuition for in-state residents.</p>

<p>no, CALS is definately affiliated with SUNY, it is one of the 3 state-assisted colleges there. CALS, College of Human Ecology, and School of Industrial and Labor Relations are the 3. Also they are private colleges, part of the private university. Have you even visited Cornell? On the buildings for each college there is a seal of the State University of New York. This is one reason why I can go to Cornell is because of the state assistance. I would suggest knowing before giving out information of that sort.</p>

<p>My bad, they ARE affiliated with SUNY. However, they are most definitely NOT SUNY. By the way, I attend Cornell, so to answer your question, yes, I have visited it. In fact, I visit almost every single day.</p>

<p>well, it may not be labelled a SUNY, but it's a state school, and it's arguably one of the best deals in education- i should know, my parents are currently paying peanuts for my brother to attend the ag school, but he switched his major and is an RA as well. It's like going to cornell...for a great price. Not too many people accepted, tho.</p>

<p>but aren't these schools viewed as less prestigious? I am a premed student. I'm just wondering if there are stats on the acceptance rate into med school for undergrads from these state schools.</p>

<p>Cornell is cornell</p>