Is Dayton for me?

Hello, I am a hard working student who lives in the north. I do well in school but I use a lot of extra help time especially in sciences and math. I am also involved in a lot of after school activities and sports and am very well rounded. I am planning to go for nutrition and dietetics. I like the fact that Dayton is a Catholic school, but I have some questions for anyone who is an alumni, or who currently goes to Dayton:

  1. How is the transportation to get to Dayton? Especially if I’m in CT
  2. Is the program for nutrition and dietetics cut throat/ competative? / (if you are/weren’t in that major), how is the school in general with competitivity and is it a cut throat enviornment?
  3. How is the athletics?
  4. How is the food quality and choices?
  5. What is the housing like?

Thank you very much! I have to make a decision in about 28 days. I also got into: Texas Christian University, St. Louis University, U Pitt, James Madison University, U Delaware, and UCONN. I need to go to a place where I am challenged but not too stressed, and a place where I’m not the smartest either.

I can answer some questions:
1- fly to Dayton airport. It’s a short drive from there to the UD campus. You can take a cab
2 - no idea
3- excellent men’s and women’s basketball, excellent women’s volleyball, good football (FCS level), soccer, baseball, softball,…
4- no idea
5- lot’s of student housing including small houses just off campus. Very varied and they are building more.

Take a visit if you can.

Hello from a UD alumnus! I am so glad you are considering the University of Dayton, as I loved every minute as a student and continue my love for UD as an alum. I am on this forum, as my child is looking at schools and I was just checking in to see what recent posts appeared for my alma mater (and YES…my child has UD as one of his top two choices of schools). To answer your questions:

  1. Flying into the Dayton airport will be easiest for you and then you can catch a cab to campus (it’s probably a 15-20 minute cab ride to campus from the airport). Once you meet people on campus, you can probably catch a ride to the airport with friends. p.s. Making friends at UD is easy and fun! I am still friends with my freshman year roommate and hallmates 25 years later :smiley:
  2. I was not a dietetics major. However, one of my friends was and she said that she felt prepared for her work after graduation. She also felt like the program was more collaborative than competitive/cut throat. I would say that goes for most/all of the programs at UD. Professors have office hours and encourage students to ask for help. Most professors also give out their cell numbers to students if the students need to reach them. It’s a tight knit university and the faculty and staff really want to see students succeed.
  3. Athletics are super fun! Basketball, soccer and volleyball are especially fun to watch. Intramurals and club sports have always been popular for student participation and are a great way to make friends.
  4. Food choices have vastly improved since I was a student! Marycrest Residence hall has an amazing dining facility with healthy options, a grill, subs, and
    Italian fare. The student union (KU) has typical college fare and sandwiches, salads, etc…There is an all you can eat buffet in the VWK sophomore dorm with ethnic food options. There are all sorts of places around the University (Chipotle, Buffalo Wild Wings, Milanos Subs, Panera, etc…).
  5. Housing is great at UD. There are freshman halls with community bathrooms and some that are suite style. The rooms are decent sizes and community bathrooms are clean. Also, if you live in a dorm with a community bathroom, it’s not bad at all. Everyone leaves their dorm rooms open if they are home so you can socialize with your hallmates. It’s a great sense of community. If you need to study, I recommend the library.
    I hope this information helps and I hope you choose to be part of the Flyer Family! I had 2 roommates from Stamford and Greenwich, CT.

p.s. Campus Ministry Retreats are amazing and going to Mass is very popular and enjoyable. I honestly didn’t feel very connected to my Catholic faith until I got to Dayton and went to Mass regularly. The Priests and Brothers actually give meaningful, age-appropriate homilies for college students. The Chapel is beautiful and Sunday evening Mass is the most popular. Students stay on campus for the weekends because it is super fun and there’s alot going on…parties, sports, club activities, etc…