is decision already sent out?

<p>.... is it?
i dunno my CU ID n Password so theres no way checkin in online so im just waiting an email..</p>

<p>March 31st at 5pm is when they will be released.</p>

<p>how do you recover your CU ID and password, because I forgot mine, and somehow, it's not accepting my answer for first grade teacher on the 3rd security question, and now it's just been disabled.</p>

<p>There is a help desk number on the site, just call them and they will e-mail you a temp password. just make sure you know your login.</p>

<p>March 31st at 5pm</p>

<p>March 31st at 5pm</p>

<p>March 31st at 5pm</p>

<p>actually, it depends on which school you applied to. I know CALS and Hotel started sending out decisions already...</p>

<p>5 PM est/pst?</p>