is deferral for one semester possible?

<p>I applied to UCB for the fall 2012 semester as a physics major. I have a 3.906 GPA and some extra curriculars. If accepted, however likely that is, I will not have completed my major requirements prior to transfer. Ill still have to do the equivalents of physics 7B and math 54. Its starting to really hit home for me how much of a problem this may be, in that if accepted it still might not be a good idea to transfer prior to completing my lower division. So im wondering if fall applicants are ever accepted for the spring instead, or if it is possible to defer until spring if accepted. This way I could start upper division when i got there and not have to worry about the unit ceiling. </p>

<p>I applied for fall despite not completing my lower division because I would otherwise have finished by the end of fall and I did not want to wait through another spring semester to get out of here.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, admission is valid only for the term in which you are admitted.</p>

<p>You cannot take Physics 7B and Math 54 in the summer, either at Berkeley or at a community college?</p>

<p>im looking into it, the physics class at berkeley is full and i dont really have enough money to pay for it if im not even going there. its possible that ill be able to make it work through nearby community colleges and UCSC but their schedules arent out yet so i dont know.</p>

<p>From what I have heard, no. A girl I knew wanted to defer admission for a semester as well and ended up picking another school over Berkeley, rumor has it simply because Berkeley didn’t let her defer.</p>