Is Denison need aware or need blind in admissions?

I’ve read conflicting information online. Some search results say Denison is need blind in admissions and others say it’s need aware. I know they do meet 100% of need, if admitted. Can anyone confirm whether Denison is need blind or need aware?

Everything I found online suggested it is need blind, except with respect to international students……

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I don’t see anywhere on Denison’s website that says they are need-blind (of course, I may have missed it), which would typically mean they are need-aware/need-sensitive. Call the FA office and ask to be sure.

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If you get a definitive answer from the FA office, could you report back here?? Thanks!

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I’m sort of afraid to call, as my daughter is currently awaiting an RD decision from them and I don’t want to do anything that might jeopardize her chances (may be overthinking it, but…) I guess we’ll find out soon enough if financial need has hurt her.

Meanwhile, if anyone has a definite answer, please let us know. Thanks!

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If she isn’t accepted, you will never know the reason.

As a parent of someone who already applied, I understand not wanting to call and ask about their policy at this point.

How? If she isn’t accepted, you will not know why.

Of course, you’re both right that we won’t know the reason for a rejection. Her stats are above their average though, she visited from out of state, interviewed, submitted optional essay and art supplement. I think her chances are decent, but you’re absolutely correct that a rejection could be for any reason, not just financial need.

My son did an out of state visit, optional essay, and interview when he applied (class of '21), had stats below their 50th percentile (but not below 25th), had financial need, and was admitted, but they “met need” for him with less aid than any other school that accepted him. Anecdotal info, of course, but I recall the Denison thread that year including multiple people who were similarly disappointed in the aid (for us, the cost was about $5K above the NPC).

Denison said this about its policy in 2014:


Thanks for this info! I’m sorry the aid was disappointing, but good to know he was accepted.

Good news, if this is still the case!

[Snip]… “With its need-blind admission policy, Denison is dedicated to providing generous need-based aid to qualifying students”. … [snip]

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That article is 6 years old. If Denison is need-blind, it is curious that fact is not conspicuously stated on their website anywhere, which is odd. Only way to make sure it call and ask.


Just wanted to report back a similar situation. Daughter was accepted yesterday (yay!) but with a smaller need-based grant than we’ve seen from other schools. Total cost will be our highest yet. It’s still a contender, for all they have to offer, but we’re waiting on a few more decisions and will have to weigh all factors in a few weeks.


Congrats on the acceptance! Denison certainly has a lot to offer, and my D23 will apply, though we expect it will be one of the more expensive options for her if she gets in. I hope your D gets more good news in the coming weeks. :slight_smile:

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