Is Depaul University a good choice for college?

I’ve been looking more into the University’s Information Technology, Computer Science, and UX Design programs and trying to find out which one I should major and minor in. I also wanted to know if anyone had any general input about Depaul? Are the academics worth the price? Is the school overly religious? Are there good chances of me finding a job if I do decide to pursue a degree at this school? And honestly really anything else you could tell me would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

I can’t attest to much other than that it is NOT overly religious. My nephew just graduated and other than taking a comparative religion class, he had literally no religious involvements at the school. It’s in a great neighborhood in a great city too.

@citylife07 It’s a very good school for what you’re looking for. Some of this is bias on my part since I’m a grad from yesteryear, but I still am close to the program and know a lot about it. I recently took a tour with the Dean of the CDM school and was very impressed with the state of the art setup of the school, which is in downtown Chicago. The College of Computing and Digital Media school itself is very large, covers almost 50 different minors, majors and graduate school programs from Computer Science to Animation to UX to Filmmaking. CS majors are very employable, average entry level salary for grads is $60K in the Chicago area (possibly more now). The Animation and Film Making majors are ranked in the top 20 in the country and I know many who work in the gaming and film companies out here in California. Although DePaul doesn’t require test scores anymore, the median SAT score will be in the 1200 range and unweighted GPA of 3.60 for admits.

Religion wise, you wouldn’t know that it is a Catholic school except for the 2 Religion and Philosophy classes (could be only 1 class nowadays, not sure) every undergrad is required to take. And these are more sociology and history based classes on any number of religions, and nothing to do at all with say Bible study that you might imagine in Sunday school.

I agree ^. I think DePaul is underrated in the number of mentions on this board.