Is Drexel a good university?

I have heard mixed opinions, can someone tell me about their experience or what they know

Drexel is an excellent university. Of course it depends on your major and the other schools you are comparing it to. Of course with any school you get out what you put in.

@BagODonuts I intend to be a premed student with public health major I don’t know how good of a school Drexel would be for me

Again, what are you other options?

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Seems like you have multiple good choices. I am not the expert in premed. Some points to consider. Drexel is the only one on the list with a graduate med school which could be a benefit. It was the first all women’s medical college in the US (but not all women currently). Drexel is much larger than other schools and in a big city or do you want a small liberal arts school in the suburbs. Do you want an all women’s school? Fit for you is an important consideration too.