Is dropping an AP course for 2nd semester of Senior year a bad idea?

<p>Currently, I am taking 4 ap courses-statistics, biology, physics mechanics + e/m, and psychology. The one I have most trouble with is AP Statistics. My school does not offer the course so I have to take it at another school. Because of this, I can not go to clinic to get help and always have to catch up for the bus. I got an A- for first marking period which was not too bad, but I almost failed my second marking period; I got a B-. Today, I just got back a test for 3rd marking period and I got a D+. I think I should drop the course because I do not feel like I learn much and probably fail the ap test anyway. The problem is that will this affect my admissions into college? Currently, I am waiting for 9 colleges to reply to me and got accepted into 4. I got into Pennstate main campus, U of Vermont honors program, Drexel's honors program, and elizabethtown. Will dropping this course show up on my transcript? Currently only one college out of the nine wants to see my 1st quarter report, will they see that I dropped the course and only took it 1st and 2nd quarter (marking period)?</p>

<p>Call the schools and ask them. Another possibility is to take it Pass/Fail, and opt out of a grade, which is allowed at my S's school, and maybe at yours. My son called his ED choice, andf they had no problem with him changing his AP Spanish to P/F. Check it out.</p>

<p>Pass/Fail is a great idea if it's allowed. Most schools won't have an issue with dropping one AP class second semester, especially if you explain that you have to commute to another school in order to take it and that commuting is not working out for you. Like nugraddad says, send an email to check if it would make you feel better.</p>

<p>If you know you are going to drop the course at this point, then you should just write to admissions at each school (including the ones that accepted you already) and tell them the situation with commuting etc. Since you are taking 4 AP classes, that may not be an issue. If you don't know if you will drop the course, then you should consider that colleges will not look at this positively. They may not ding you for it, but it won't add a positive spin to your application. If you don't notify them, that's even worse, so you will have to notify them either way. I can't offer more advice because I don't know your overall schedule compared to your school, nor do I know your GPA and other stats. Since you got into UVM honors, I would guess you are a fairly strong student all around.</p>

<p>Since you did find a way to get an A- the first quarter, what has changed in your approach? Was the first quarter just easy or were you able to keep up with homework at that point? Something to consider is the online free math help ... Khan Academy dot org is one that has good videos on Statistics, so if you just need to spend more time studying, this is way to bridge the gap or give yourself more time to capture a new concept.</p>