Is Eckerd a FAFSA or CSS school?

<p>Is Eckerd a FAFSA or CSS (or other) school? Is anyone willing to share how close they came to meeting their EFC? My guy has them near or at the top of his "potential" list, but I'm trying to get a feel for how affordable they will really be. We have not found NPCs, in general, to be super accurate. His stats are 1270/1870 w/high GPA, but merit aid, alone, won't do it for us (as per NPC). We'd need to be fairly close to our EFC.</p>

<p>Eckerd is a FAFSA school. The staff is happy to answer any questions you might have about the financial aid package. Just contact his admission counselor and they will be able to tell you how much aid he is going to receive.</p>

<p>Thanks. He's just a junior right now - in the process of locating schools to apply to in the fall. Since we're in the north, I'm not all that familiar with smaller schools in the south - hence - I'm in the "learning" stage. (Oldest also went to a small school in the south, so I'm certainly not opposed to learning new names/places.) Youngest wants Tropical Bio w/hands on. Eckerd was recommended to us to check out.</p>

<p>Eckerd requires the FAFSA, not the CSS (thank goodness). And if your son's GPA is good he will automatically get a merit scholarship, which is based on GPA not need.</p>

<p>My younger dd is in her senior year at Eckerd, not in your son's field but in Political Science.</p>

<p>Thanks ca_mom!</p>

<p>We're going to try to visit this fall in either Sept or Oct. Up until today we were debating a summer visit or missing school in the fall, but missing school in the fall won out due to (hopefully) being able to spend a night and sit in on a class. We'll probably also be checking out at least one or two more Florida schools.</p>

<p>How has your dd enjoyed her 4 years?</p>