Is Emory more conservative or liberal?

<p>Alright so I applied RD to Emory and I'm fairly hopeful that I'll get in. Being as Emory is my top choice right now, I'm starting to look into the campus vibe and stuff. So my main question is, is Emory more conservative or liberal? I identify as a conservative, but I have no problem with liberals (I grew up in a very liberal area). What types of people are usually seen at Emory? How would you describe the campus vibe?</p>

<p>Liberal (perhaps the most liberal of the big 3 privates in the south, however, not really like most Ivies or other top 20s): However, in terms of activism, neutral/apathetic. Not enough activism to really see the liberalism on display. However, you should know that the university is fairly progressive and its actions and initiatives kind of display this orientation. If you don’t like the idea of an extremely service oriented university or one that focuses on things like sustainability or environment (as in, you get annoyed by people/organizations that believe that climate change and things like greenspace is a big deal), it may not be for you. If it’s more so a religious or economic type of conservatism, you’ll live (though I don’t know how you’ll handle the ethnic/religious diversity if you are “too” firm with conservative religious beliefs).</p>

<p>Emory is a much more liberal campus than other Southern schools such as the University of Oklahoma, but it’s much more moderate than say, UC Santa Cruz or Reed. Keep in mind that almost half of Emory students are either nominally religious and/or do not believe in a higher power, so someone who finds certain aspects of Liberty University (not saying it’s anywhere near the same league as Emory) appealing might not like the school. </p>

<p>One of the benefits of a national university like Emory is that you’ll find a greater diversity of people than at almost any other school in the country. I’ve met a champion rock climber, the former president of the largest chapter of Junior Statesmen of America, a guy who wrote econ arguments on his mirror, as well as many many others. Probably the only types of people you won’t find are conservative, bible-thumping, impoverished international students.</p>