Is episcopal high school in va a party school?

I want to know if episcopal high school in va is a party school.



Definitely yes. Not so much on campus although there’s a bit of that. The famous Bahamas trip…yup, those kids party like they’re in college.

Never heard that but the students I’ve known there weren’t “partiers”. It’s 100% boarding so if it’s truly a big “party school” and that’s happening on campus that wouldn’t last long. Many schools have reputations and some are rooted in stories and events from decades ago. Do your research, ask smart questions of the school, and if you’re really concerned about current school reputations, school cultures, etc. hire a reputable educational consultant. They can guide you to a good fit academically, socially, athletically, with school culture, etc.

Again. I know kids who are at the school now. Smuggling drugs and liquor on campus is not hard. There ARE kids using on campus. Obviously not everyone is doing this. There is a heavy drinking culture off campus. Remember there are no Saturday classes and kids can leave for the weekend.

If drinking isn’t your thing you won’t be an outcast but it’s silly to pretend that’s not a thing at episcopal.

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I know kids there as well. I guess the question is what’s the norm these days for “partying”. There are groups of kids at every public, day and boarding school who drink and hopefully less that are into drugs—drinking is nothing new for high school kids. But for boarding schools, any school where there are local kids as day students or basically weekday boarders there’s more opportunities for partying and including friends from school.

As for sneaking alcohol and drugs onto campus, it happens at every school. The question becomes what the school does if they find out. It’s an important question to ask as it speaks to school culture.