Is Florida Tech a good school?

I asked earlier but no one seems to be answering about BME program, so I thought I’d ask a more generalized question. What are the Pro’s and Con’s to FIT?


  • Small classes.
  • Good location for internships and finding a job in engineering.
  • Usually great weather and 10 mins from the beach.
  • Most majors are high paying, it’s hard to make a bad choice.


  • If you don’t like the beach or outdoors, Melbourne doesn’t have a lot to do. Downtown Melbourne is the hot spot and it got old fast for me.
  • Dorms could be better.

I saw in your other post that your son is a “people person.” He won’t meet as many people at FIT as he would at a larger school, but he’ll probably get to know people better at FIT since there are relatively few students and the campus is small.

@loller Thank you. We are going for a visit in March. How are the professors? Willing to work with you or do they just lecture?

Compared to the larger school I also attended, the professors at FIT did seem to be more engaged with us because many of the classes were small (20ish students). At my other school, most of the classes were large (40+ students), even in my major classes. I didn’t feel like the professors knew me.

I actually preferred the larger classes. I don’t need someone to pay attention to me in order for me to do my work. I work well alone and without guidance. That style doesn’t work for everyone though. Some people need attention.