is fordham a good school for Pre-Med?

<p>i am just wondering. i want to major in BioChemistry and mior for Theatre Arts + Music.</p>

<p>fordham doesnt have biochem as a major. if ur 100% on med school.. i'd choose to go to a polytechnic university.. at fordham u'll spend a lot of ur energy on subjects you probably won't want to spend time on bc of the lengthy core. RPI, GATech, VA tech, etc. i think would be better choices simply bc u get to almost exclusively focus on science and math.</p>

<p>if you want to go to med school, i think you should go to fordham over poly.... med schools don't want to see that you were strictly science and math. the schools ilyasaber listed are all engineering schools....</p>

<p>and besides, some of the core will be part of the premed curriculum.</p>

<p>right, but these polytechs also have a core, and a significantly smaller one, might i add. All i'm saying is that if ur a science/math person, you probably don't want to end up using most of ur time doing loads of work for other subjects u don't really care about.<br>
And i'm not saying that FU is bad for Pre-med. On the contrary, a very large percentage of the pre-med population gets accepted into med school. I'm just saying that if i were to do it all over again, i would have gone somewhere where i could focus more exclusively on science, and not so much on history, theology, and english.</p>