Is freshman GPA calculated in at cornell?

<p>Is freshman GPA calculated in at cornell?
what about at columbia?</p>

<p>also what is a good score for sat II physics.... i see people with 3x800s and then the only few physics ive seen are in 600's</p>

<p>is that more than a coincidence? would you look bad with a mid 600 in physics instead of say an 800 chem?</p>

<p>edit: i just saw some guy with a 750 physics and 750 math II.... i guess physics sat II isnt harder compared to others?</p>

<p>No, it certainly is harder. I've only seen a few scores higher than 700 for that test. It's the most difficult SAT II, I've heard.</p>

<p>ah that is good.</p>

<p>it should be quite the hook when i get an 800 on it then :) :p</p>