Is GaTech a target school for CS

Thanks just wondering

What do you mean by “a target school”? That’s usually specific to a person - I’m sure there are many people who consider GA Tech a target school (one for which their GPA/test scores/etc are competitive with the school average).

It’s generally ranked as a top 10-15 CS school and is generally very well-regarded in all STEM disciplines.

Yes. Very much so. And ranked recently by. U S News as top undergraduate CS Program in the country. Definitely in top 10 for recruiting in Silicon Valley. Some say top 5.

Georgia Tech gets 10,000 applications for CS alone.

The only other school to get that many is Berkeley.

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What kind of target do you mean? If you are saying it’s a target school in the sense that it’s the place to be for the highest quality CS education, then yes. It’s a top 10 ranked CS school, and as high as number one in the US for certain disciplines, like cybersecurity. If you are saying it’s a target for anticipated admission based on your scores and application profile, then no. Georgia Tech is a reach for anybody, especially if you want to study CS. Just ask the many applicants with “perfect” profiles who were rejected this last weekend. No shortage of rejections for things like 36 ACT scores, merit scholars, etc.


I took “target” to mean the same thing it means for business - target from a elite employer recruiting standpoint. If that is the meaning then yes.

yes business target. Like if I got in do I have an advantage in silicon valley

Yes. Like I said lots of GT CS in Silicon Valley. Google. There are lists with top 10 schools on it and GT is on there.

No. It was ranked in a six way tie for fifth.

is that still a target lol. Im sorry idk much about targets for jobs.

It is number 1 for undergraduate CS from US News but maybe last year per GT news release.