Is Georgetown Worth It?

<p>I love Georgetown but I also received a full scholarship to UMCP and was just wondering if going to Georgetown is worth all the money (I'm not getting financial aid or scholarships there)?</p>

<p>lots more info needed here...what do you want to major in? does a DC location make a big difference in your future? if you're a business major, then stay with UMDCP, as an example. feel free to PM me.</p>

<p>I'm interested in majoring in history and I'm in the college. . .but I'm also interested in doing something international as a career.</p>

<p>i can say from personal knowledge( at least as of a few years ago) UMDCP does not have an IR major! i think international=DC, too. i think that may help you a lot with your decision. best of luck!</p>

<p>If your parents are going to make over $5 million more before they retire, then perhaps $200,000 for Georgetown may be seen as worth it. But if they have $200,000 or less for your education and pressures to save for retirement, then save your parents' money and use it for graduate school.</p>

<p>yeah..that sounds like something my parents would say...and it is right...</p>