Is Georgia Tech a bad idea for a prospective pre-med student?

<p>So I've been accepted to Tech for Biomedical Engineering. I want to do pre-med... Is it going to be near impossible to maintain a high GPA at Tech..?</p>

<p>I wouldn't say I'm perfect at math and science, but I'm decent, I guess. I am in BC Calculus right now and have an A. I got a 710 on the Math portion of the SAT, and 34 on the Math portion of the ACT, and a 31 on the Science portion. My goal is to graduate with a 3.7+</p>

<p>My son's orthodontist and pediatrician and a friends dad who is an MD all went to undergrad at GT - we tease them that they couldn't hack it as an engineer so had to become Drs. The orthodontist said GT undergrad made medical school much easier - don't know if he meant the workload or the actual work but looks like it must be a plus for getting in.</p>

<p>GT has sent plenty of alumni to great med schools, including a number at Wash. U. in St. Louis--who are on scholarship to med school!</p>

<p>if you must go to medical school, there are better (easier, gradewise) option than putting yourself through gt -- and i would go elsewhere. but gt degree in itself highly salable, and hence gives you better options.</p>