Is getting all Bs my first semester of college super bad? Am I stupid?

So I got all Bs and one S on my first semester grades. I’m just disappointed. I was expecting for at least one A. One.

My art class consisted of learning 50-80 artifacts in 3 exams (material, date made, location) in a matter of 7-8 days. even my TAs would say it was impossible. The essays were hard. Being art, they are look for a specific thing I could never pin point. Although my favorite class, it was hard. There was a lot of 2nd and 3rd years. Even this guy commented that this class was hard and he was surprised they would let freshman come in.

My second class was some architecture based class. It was also second level.Not many freshman. The professor was rude and his instructions were so vulgar. I scored As on the assignments, but I guess my last essay wasnt so good? I dont know. It was a hard class.

My freshman english class…I had this kinda rude instructor. He was very laid back and all, but no one had an A in his class. I had an 89.08 and even though I participated and all he did not consider bumping to an A. I would be the only one talking and debating with him and coming up with these philosophical ideas. I asked if there was anything I could do and he said no. I think i had the highest grade in that class because this girl who was also really smart said she also didnt have an A. I would also ask him so many questions, but when I would do my essays 1 or 2 things i did wrong would cost me 10 points off. It was more philosophy than anything. In other english classes, my friends had As. They said it was easy, while I’m over here struggling.

My other history class consisted of essays. I thought it was easy, but I guess I’m just stupid. He gave a lot of extra credit and everything. I did all my work and everything. This class was also a 200 2nd year level class. I was stuck with a lot of 40 year olds and stuff. I feel like i was the only freshman in that class. He gave so many opportunities yet my essays were always 86s. the highest I got was a 93.

Overall, I feel stupid. This girl who wasnt so bright in high school managed to get a perfect 4.00. I was in NHS, had a 4.7 gpa, got in with a scholarship, yet I couldnt even get an A in english… :frowning:

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You’re not stupid. I’ve had semesters where I got 100s on exams; I’ve had semesters where I got 37s. I’m the same person with the same level of intelligence regardless.

All you can do is try to have a nice relaxing break between semesters and come back for the spring with a venegeance. New classes, new opportunities to hone your study skills.

Edit: a word

For the prof that wouldnt round because you were “so close”…if everyone had their grades rounded when they were close, no one would get the grade they earned. You earned a B+, not an A-. Just because you participated, which was probably expected of you, does not warrant a higher grade.

Why would a freshman have to take all second year courses? What advisor recommended that? That was poor advising on their part, but at the end of the day, you were also in control of your schedule, so using the excuse that they were not “freshman” courses isn’t valid. If you didn’t want all second year courses, you didn’t have to take them. You need to stand up for yourself in these situations.

B’s are fine. You make it sound like you failed. Relax. Plenty of other people are in worse situations, gradewise, than you right now. Just because high schools tend to hand A’s out, does not mean colleges will always do the same. You aren’t even in high school anymore, so why are you still comparing yourself to others from there? That’s unhealthy. Move on. Never compare yourself to others like this, you are fine being you.

I didnt know. I chose my classes based on my major. I’m switching majors…from engineering to architecture. I had no idea these classes were higher level. I just chose them bc they were the only ones I could take that fit the architecture catalog while still being in engineering.

this guy is iin his last year of engineering and he got a round grade from 89.2 to a 90. Like damn.

Like yes, maybe I had some idea these classes were higher minus the art one. It was a 111 class. I thought it was freshman.

I realized it wasnt a week into the class.I did not know how college worked, nor how gpa worked nor anything. I was confused until this very day

Didn’t you have a GPA in high school? What didn’t you understand about it?

i wasnt sure if it was the same thing. i was just confused. i get it now. blackboard would throw me off too.

Don’t beat yourself up about it, college is hard and a B is a pretty good grade. Also, let me just say that blackboard is the worst website ever and should be banned (its seriously the worst and most confusing thing ever)

College is a different world. Your responsible for your own work and there is no one there to remind you to do your homework. Guided notes and study guides for the most part are gone. Your expected to read and understand the reading on your own. There are not as many assignments to make up a bad grade. For the most part, the favorite student who always seemed to be handed their grades doesn’t exist. Getting B;s isn’t bad at all. There is a college saying, even C’s get degrees.

@lushbomb You really need to stop comparing yourself to everyone else. Just do your best. Take lower level classes next semester.

@snowfairy137 high schooler who hates blackboard. Makes sense. Why do you hate it?

@NASA2014 I’m note sure if you don’t believe I use blackboard or what?

If you don’t believe me:
Here’s the situation… its a messy one. My high school (and the rest of that school district uses blackboard). In addition, a college I took a couple dual enrollment classes at uses it. Another college, where I’ve been taking pretty much my classes at through a program my state has that allows high school juniors and seniors to do that uses a blackboard competitor called canvas. So, I’ve taken online classes on both sites as well as had both used as a class website for an in person class.

In comparison to canvas, blackboard is generally harder to use. There are weird quirks with the navigation in the website which makes it hard to get around, you can’t turn off notifications effectively so you get spammed with two everytime you turn something in, and the part that shows your grades is hard to access, doesn’t show important information, and has way fewer features than the canvas version. In short blackboard is an archaic, poorly designed piece of software that students are stuck using because schools don’t want to cough up the extra money for canvas. Everyone I know who has had experience with both hates blackboard.

It’s a bit off topic for this thread, but you asked.

I understand your point, but we can’t have everything we want in life. The university I go to uses Blackboard heavily and I don’t mind it. How is the part that shows your grades hard? You literally go to the tap that has your name on and is right there. I guess your professors don’t use Blackboard very often. I always get an email from the professor to what’s coming up is important news like exams and finals. Blackboard also has an option where you can send an email to all the students that are in the class. This is a very nice tool and useful for a class that has hundreds of students. I tried the tool for my physics and organic chemistry and it helped me form a group to study.

I will be using the tool next semster so I can get a group to study for exams and do homework together.

Back to the topic, OP. I think your problem is comparing to other students. Getting a B in college is quite good. I never thought I would have gotten a B- in calculus 2. This is because the final is a departmental final where everyone in calculus 2 takes the same final. I have no idea who designs the test, but I heard the chair does it. I’m happy with my grade.

Time to gain some perspective. Bs are nowhere close to failing. Fs are failing, earning no credits toward a degree is failing. Rather than complain about professors, that you might have taken classes that are too advanced or just calling yourself stupid, look at yourself and figure out what strategies you may be able to employ in order to get closer to the grades you want next term. Explore resources for academic support available at your school, join study groups, plan your study time out so that you have ample work time, figure out what it will take to improve if you aren’t satisfied. Be resilient. If you feel knocked down, get back up and fight for it. As I have said to my daughter many times over her lifetime, “don’t just stand there and cry, figure out how to solve the problem.”

@nasa2014. You asked. Canvas is better, just trust me (it sends emails too). And the part to show your grades isnt hard, it just annoying to use and canvas has more features like being able to plug in a hypothetical grade and seeing how it would affect your score. Anyway, this is off topic and I dont really care, I was sympathizing with the OP not trying to argue about this.

(And actually, I do get to choose. I can check if a college uses canvas or not and choose to go there. Not the most important crietrion ever, but it is a choice.)